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looking for a fic sess/inu - The "InuYasha" Fanfiction Community
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looking for a fic sess/inu
okay so this author's works were extremely well written. her first story is about inuyasha and sesshomaru living together, and sesshomaru begins to admire how beautiful inuyasha is becoming and lusts after him. he catches inuyasha one day through his room trying to seduce sesshomaru. and sesshomaru is worried about how inuyasha is making him feel, so sesshomaru gives or sells him to i think naraku. a few years later, sesshomaru i guess feels guilty about what hes done and wants to bring inuyasha home. and so he rescues inuyasha and lets him live in his home and trys to mend things with inuyasha by buying him gifts and allowing him to try to feel comfortable. after awhile inuyasha makes friends with miroku, who starts becoming attracted to inuyasha (nothing except a kiss between them), sesshomaru catches miroku making the move and freaks out and attacks miroku and i think attacks inuyasha? after while inuyasha and sesshomaru start having a physical relationship.

this story is super old, 2005-2010, it was a really good fic, and i wouldnt be surprised if its gone. but if you guys can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. =)
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