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Lost Mpreg Fic - The "InuYasha" Fanfiction Community
An open forum for recommending, promoting, and discussing "InuYasha" fanfic.
Lost Mpreg Fic
Hello! I read this fic a long while back, and now cannot find it. It was an Inuyasha/Kouga mpreg fic. I remember that Inuyasha was injured and Kagome got angry at him and gave a "sit" command, but she didn't know he was hurt. I think because he didn't show up for an event at the village, or maybe because he didn't help the village. She storms off, and Kouga finds Inuyasha and takes him back to his pack to heal him. There was a scene where Inuyasha has his full human transformation and they have to kidnap someone to help him heal? They eventually mate, and Inuyasha becomes pregnant and I think has twin boys? That's all I remember. Does anyone know this fic?
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