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--Hello! Welcome to the "InuYasha" fanfiction community, an open forum for discussion and promotion of fanfics from this wonderful series.

--This community was created because of a seeming demand by IY fans on livejournal communities regarding where they can find and pimp fanfiction.

--Feel free to promote your own fanfiction here, as well as recommend particularly well written stories you have come across:

--When posting links to fanfiction, you must use this format.


Genres (Fanfiction.net only allows you to choose two genres, but if you feel it fits appropriately in more, go ahead and list them as well.)

Pairings Represented (All pairings, not just the main one! Please do this even if it is gen with just a hint of romance.)

Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R... If it's a higher rated fic you may want to say something like "R for violence." )

Summary (An actual summary please. "I suck at summaries" isn't going to cut it.) Summaries must not be above PG rating, whether the fic is a higher rating or not.

And of course a LINK to the fic.

---It was also created as a forum where one can inquire about obscure facts they may need to know for a story. (Accuracy is always good, and I know it may be hard to figure out "What's the name of Kagome's friend with the yellow headband?" or "What's the name of Nobunaga's white monkey?" )

---Requesting beta-reading is perfectly fine here as well. We don't have a panel of set people that will beta your stories, but it's likely that someone on the community will be willing to do so.

---If you do request beta-reading, use the same format as if you were plugging a fic (minus the link if the fic is not yet posted). Also tack on something regarding how long the fic is going to run and what exactly you're looking for in a beta job. That way people don't think they're volunteering to beta a one shot when they're actually volunteering for a 30+ chapter epic fic.

---"Plot Bunnies" (aka fic ideas) are perfectly acceptable posts. Run them by the community and see what they think of them before you sit down to write it (you may even get some valuable suggestions). Or if you yourself aren't a fic writer (or you have too much fanfiction on your plate already) then you can pass them off to the group so someone else can run with it.

---We're trying to keep this community "classy." Not classy as in elitist, but classy as in spam free, actually helpful, and continually on topic. Here are couple guidelines regarding that:

1. This is not a general "InuYasha" community- do not crosspost things unless they are fanfic related and relevant. This community is fanfiction specific. If you're looking for general speak on the series or you want to plug a non fanfiction site go to inuyasha.

2. If your site's having a contest that's "InuYasha" fanfiction related- once again, feel free to post once, but it's not necessary to constantly post if people don't reply. I do not mind if you post once again once the contest nears it's deadline, but lack of interest does not give you permission to continually post about it. This goes for websites as well.

3. This is not the place to whine about lack of reviews. Everyone here is free to read or not read all the fics posted. They don't always choose to read or review everything. While it's a courtesy to take the time to review if you can, understand that no one's subject matter and story is going to appeal to everyone.

4. Plugging NC-17 rated fanfiction is fine, but if you're a purely NC-17 fanfic author you may want to check out iy_ecchi_style.

---On a last note: Fanfiction writers work hard on their work and they really appreciate a bit of feedback. One of the aims of this group is to provide that. If you take the time to read someone's story try to take the time to leave at least a short review on their fanfiction.net account or by commenting in the community. The majority of fanfiction.net members accept anonymous reviews, so for the most part you don't even have to have an account to review. ^^

Members willing to beta read
Her post on what she will beta is here.

Or better yet- check out inuyasha_betas for beta-reading services as well. ^^

---This community is moderated and maintained by silenttaiyoukai

---The community's original moderator/maintainer was haro
We occasionally do fanfic challenges in this community as well.

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